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March Meeting

This coming meeting we will have Jessica Driver, our local bee inspector with VDACS coming to give us a “state of the union” on our local bees and different things going on at the state level.

During the meeting we will also be covering on how to split your bees with details about a field day set for the following Saturday.

Jessica Loque

February 9th at 7pm

Please come out and listen to our speaker of the month – Jessica Loque!!!

Jessica runs approximately 85-100 test hives for Smithers Viscient/Bayer on her farm in Snow Camp NC testing different applications of pesticide and their affect on the bees. As well as running these scientific studies she is also a contributor in the periodical Bee Culture. Jessica is a well respected beekeeper, author, and scientist and is sure to enlighten all with her presentation on her operation she runs with her husband Bobby.

Bee School

2017 Bee School Cancelled.

Unfortunately not enough people signed up, if you are still interested in keeping bees or have any bee related questions please come by our monthly meeting at Dadant – 820 Tightsqueeze Industrial Rd. Chatham VA 24531. We meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm.

Meeting For August 11th

Come join the Pittsylvania County Beekeepers for our upcoming meeting on August 11th! We will be joined by our friend and regional beekeeping resource Jim Zeigler for a program covering a number of topics:

What’s happening in our hives? – “I thought we were in the dearth period”

Do I have varroa mites? When and how should I treat them?

What the heck is honeydew and how do I know it when I see it?

Is there such a thing as Zombie Bees?

See you there!

May Meeting

The May meeting has changed to a round table discussion. All are welcome to come as we touch base on the state of the bees for this month (how has rain affected production, beetles, honey crops, etc)