Help! I Have Bees on my Property!!

Here is a list of beekeepers in the county who may be available to remove a swarm of bees on your property so leave a message if we don’t answer and we will call you back ASAP. (Please only contact for swarm removal):

Ralph J Jones III (434) 822-3074 Whitmell/Dry Fork, VA

Rusty East (434) 432-4306 Chatham, VA

Mike Rogers (434) 250-3333 Ringgold, VA

Patrick Ferrer (434) 432-8461 Chatham, VA

Doug Clark (704) 756-1324 Whitmell, VA

Keith Whitlock  (434) 713-2854 Axton VA (will travel to Pittsylvania, Henry, and Halifax county)

Ron Haymore (434) 770-7090 Danville VA


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