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June Meeting

Jason Sigmon, owner of North Star Bee Supply in Reidsville, NC will be our speaker for our June meeting.

Jason is 40 years old and in his 4th year of beekeeping. In addition to bee supplies, Jason sells mated queens and 5 frame nucs and will be sharing his methods for queen production and making up nucs with us. He will also be bringing some of his equipment he uses to graft with and giving us a little hands on feel for the processes he uses.

Jason currently manages around 50 colonies and enjoys teaching and helping others in the field of beekeeping.

As always there will be food, drink, and fellowship aplenty. Come on out and enjoy an educational program on June 7th at 7pm!!!



Goings On

A quick recap of the last 3 meetings:

March Meeting

We had Jessica Driver to give us the latest news from our region ,

and we gave an update on bee shipments and dates for the up and coming spring packages and nucs.

April Meeting

Spring time, I mean it’s snowing but really its spring time but it’s snowing again, and oh yea some of our package bees are here, and swarm cells are showing up and, and, oh just come on to the meeting and let’s talk about Splitting hives and what to expect from our new packages and stuff.

May Meeting

Come bring your swarm stories and pictures if you have them while we talk about what we should be finding in our hives now in May.  Some have asked about how to split swarm cells and all kinds of questions on new packages so come give your input! Bring your swarm gathering stuff to show and tell.


We also have Betsy East coming to tell us a little about her honey and wax products and how she sells her wares.

Meeting 02/08/18

Sorry for the late notice but wanted to let the gang know that we will be there tonight 7pm as usual.

The season is starting early and have lots of questions on feeding and methods of getting our bees through these next few tough weeks so come and tell us how yours are doing.

Our club members have been involved in a few activities also and want share some stories and concerns with us.


So come rub elbows!



Meeting 12/14


We are having our MONTHLY MEETING and it is going to be informative Thur 12-14-17 @ 7pm as usual.



Lorien R. Koontz
Private Lands Biologist

Chatham Service Center, is coming with a presentation for us. She had some good information for us at the recent PCBA dinner so come check it out!


And then……

Jim Zigler, Chatham Symposium Event Coordinator is coming to discuss our 5th annual special beekeeper event at the Olde Dominion Ag Complex in Chatham, Virginia on Friday February 2, and Saturday February 3, 2018.


And then…….

We have a couple more things to throw out there so sled on down!





Get ready for another FUN beekeeper night.

We have decided to combine this month’s meeting with our annual pot luck dinner on the third Thursday, Oct 19th instead of the second Thur.

Bring your favorite covered dishes and such to Betsy and Rusty’s house, 455 East Store Lane, Chatham, VA.

Rusty says that If people want to come at 5PM he will open his honey house for a tour.

Then around 5:45 Lorien R. Koontz Private Lands Biologist “will discuss one of the federal programs available that helps landowners create pollinator habitat.”

And then Dinner around 6 PM.

Rusty and  Betsy will provide smoked pork, iced tea and the plates, forks, and perhaps other more potent beverages (Strawberry Mead).

Please feel free to bring a covered dish and join us, this has always been a good night to relax, eat and mingle with BEEKEEPERS so come visit!


Meeting 09/14

Sorry for the late posting!

This month we will have local artist and club member Elsabe Dixon speaking to us about her latest project and how we as a club may be able to help.

In addition we will have a demonstration with live bees as to how to do a mite assessment and get as accurate a count as possible. Now is the time to get on top of your mite loads! Just because there is traffic in the front of the hive does not mean all is well within!

As always there will be plenty of fellowship, stories, and snacks. Please bring something to share and join us.

There will also be updates following this meeting as to when/where we may be having our annual fall potluck and possibly a bee school announcement with the help of the local Ag Extension office.