Goings On

A quick recap of the last 3 meetings:

March Meeting

We had Jessica Driver to give us the latest news from our region ,

and we gave an update on bee shipments and dates for the up and coming spring packages and nucs.

April Meeting

Spring time, I mean it’s snowing but really its spring time but it’s snowing again, and oh yea some of our package bees are here, and swarm cells are showing up and, and, oh just come on to the meeting and let’s talk about Splitting hives and what to expect from our new packages and stuff.

May Meeting

Come bring your swarm stories and pictures if you have them while we talk about what we should be finding in our hives now in May.  Some have asked about how to split swarm cells and all kinds of questions on new packages so come give your input! Bring your swarm gathering stuff to show and tell.


We also have Betsy East coming to tell us a little about her honey and wax products and how she sells her wares.


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