Jerry Hayes to Speak at Old Dominion Ag. Complex in Chatham VA

Practical Back-Yard Beekeeping 

For Small-Scale (Hobby) and Serious Sideline Beekeepers

Friday- February 5 and Saturday February 6, 2016


Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham, Virginia


Friday Evening (6:00 PM) we will sponsor a Special “BEEKEEPERS DINNER AND PROGRAM” Starting with an exquisite catered meal from ChataMooCa. All courses will be flavored with specialty honeys! The main course will be Certified Virginia Black Angus Beef. (This meal gets rave reviews every year from the attendees!) Immediately following the dinner, (7:00 PM) Jerry Hayes will present a down to earth program titled “Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Beekeeping” to be followed by participant Q and A’s. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To Register:   Checks, Money Orders or questions- contact Jim Zeigler ) or call Jim at 434-376-4490.   



Kickoff Coffee, Tea, Donuts and Fruit & Light Lunch At Noon; planned morning and afternoon breaks.

Planned Hot Topics for the day: END AT 4:00 PM

Beekeeper Beginnings from Jerry

Varroa – Knowledge Gaps and Misperceptions

The Colossal Colony Impact of Poor Nutrition

The Ever Lurking Effects of Nosema

Small Hive Beetles – A Spreading Scourge

Plenty of Q and A Time

To Register:  Checks, Money Orders and

Questions go to Jim Zeigler or call Jim at 434-376-4490     

Jerry Hayes Biography

In Jerry’s 35 plus years in the Apiculture Industry his overarching desire has been to create sustainable honey bee management practices while partnering with other segments of agriculture. The cornerstone of his career has been to educate others that honey bees are the key pollinators and that they play a critical role in agriculture. He has written a must read monthly column “The Classroom” in the American Bee Journal™ for the past 30 years. Jerry is a founding member of the Colony Collapse Working Group, A science advisory board member for Project Apis Mellifera, and the Bee Informed Partnership. He has been author and co-author on multiple research papers on how to understand and preserve honey bee health.

Jerry was The Chief of The Apiary Section for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs for many years. In that role he was responsible for the regulatory health of 350,000 Honey Bee Colonies in the State of Florida. Jerry joined Monsanto Corporation in 2012 to become their BeeLogics™ Commercial Lead for the BioDirect Business Unit.


Speaker Jerry Hayes

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